Roundview Capital (RVC) is an independent, fee-based investment management and advisory firm for high net worth families and institutions.  Our philosophy is value oriented. RVC conducts fundamental research to construct portfolios utilizing multiple asset classes across a global platform. We customize each financial program to fit the unique needs of our clients. Accordingly, the firm only accepts a limited number of new clients each year.

Family CFO
Roundview professional advisors serve as the primary coordinator for each family’s multifaceted objectives.
Roundview Capital does not sell products or receive commissions. Our fee-based compensation structure aligns the firm’s goals and interests with those of our clients.
Partnership Model
All members of the firm are partners with a vested interest in the success of the organization. This critical distinction supports our unique approach to financial relationships.
Roundview_Final_OWL_PMS432Owls have long been symbols of wisdom and insight. They are uniquely gifted with outstanding vision because they are capable of fully rotating their heads and seeing in the dark. At Roundview Capital, each client benefits from our well-rounded team of professionals who have domain expertise in all core aspects of wealth management.
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