Investment Management

Roundview Capital manages client capital utilizing a disciplined, value-oriented, and research-driven investment process that has been refined with many years of experience. Over the past two-plus decades of our firm’s existence, we have been guided by three principles across a wide variety of investment landscapes.

  • A Holistic Approach – Before an investment program can be established, we believe that we must first fully understand our client’s financial objectives, needs, aspirations, and concerns.  Having the “complete picture” enables our team of professionals to manage portfolios in alignment with our client’s key objectives.
  • Focus on Value –  To identify suitable opportunities for purchase, the firm performs quantitative screens through the universe of publicly traded companies.  Businesses are then analyzed to determine their intrinsic value – the price a rational business person would pay to be the exclusive owner of the entire enterprise.
  • Be Mindful of Risk – “Those who make the best choices in life tend to understand risk, manage it, but not let themselves be controlled by it.” – RVC 2006 Client Letter

Roundview Capital has successfully guided its clients through periods of investor over-exuberance and market panic.


Case Studies

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